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Artist: Giles Miller 

Title: Solar (Edition of 50)

Year: 2022

Etched Brass pixels, Matt white acrylic backing, Timber Frame (acrylic glass)

H 850mm x W 850mm x D 100mm

Framed etched metal artwork, signed and numbered 

Delivery time: 6 weeks 



Giles Miller continues to explore themes surrounding light, reflection and balance with these etched metal artworks in both stainless steel and brass finish.  Thousands of tiny components lean in opposing directions, drawn like flowers towards sunlight, to illustrate subtle gradients of tonal variation.  

These themes are consistent within the wider body of Giles Miller’s work, with material compositions depicting opposing tones as well as varying opacity within surface and sculptural installations. In particular these artworks hold strong symmetry with the studios Penny-Half Sphere (2016) and the Paper Artworks (2019).

Note: Brass material will often oxidise even during the finishing/fabrication process, leaving visible markings on the parts. These are reflective of the purity of the brass material, and form a part of the artworks aesthetic.