3x Goodness-Trees, Charity Christmas Trees

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Goodness-Trees are cardboard Christmas trees which can be styled to your own taste, reused each year, and which also support both the planet and those in need at Christmas.   

100% of profit from Goodness-Trees are being donated to the homelessness charity Shelter.

Goodness-Trees is a non-profit project offering an alternative to the over-consumption and social disparity of the Christmas period.    

The Christmas season brings about a joyous celebration of humanity, on a global scale.  Yet each year this cultural and spiritual climax also manifests a social disparity which often goes unnoticed.   

Save the planet and support those in need this Christmas. 

There is a contradiction in the enormous consumption that plays out during the Christmas period with the fact that many of our fellow humans are struggling with relationships, financial issues, and many other challenges which can leave them desperate, and often homeless or jobless during this cold time.  Goodness-Trees have been designed to generate profits for those in need at Christmas time, with all profits going to the homelessness charity Shelter.

As well as addressing social issues at Christmas time, Goodness-Trees help the planet... whilst millions of trees (35-40 million in the USA each year alone) are cut down to perform a short decorative role in our lives, Goodness-Trees enable users to protect the environment through sustainable materials and functional longevity.


Goodness-Trees bring goodness into the world in three ways:

  •  The Planet: Goodness-Trees offer an alternative to cutting down trees for decoration, only to discard them after a few days.  They are eco-friendly, re-usable and recyclable.
  •  Those in need: Goodness-Trees are a chance to support those in need at Christmas time. Our not-for-profit project aims to employ those without work to assemble our trees, giving them vital income when they need it most.   The entire project has been devised to raise money for the homeless at Christmas.
  •  Design: Goodness-Trees' unique design means that it can be styled or groomed to the users personal taste.  Spirals, random, neat; project your own personal character through the styling of the trees branches, and when Christmas is over, simply flatten and store for next year.


Goodness-Trees are sized at 690 x 690 x 1750mm, but in year 2 we hope to expand the size options.  

We aim to dispatch trees by 23rd November.

We hope 2020 will be the first year of many in which Goodness-Trees help those in need, as well as the planet, during the Christmas period.   To launch the project we have limited production to x200 trees, and if we reach that number of trees we will immediately set to work expanding the production, distribution and goodness that the project can generate in 2021.