Do as you would be done by

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Artist: Giles Miller 

Title: Do as you would be done by (Edition of 100)

Year: 2020

Laser Cut Paper, G.f Smith Colorplan Misty

295x295mm 175gms Pl

Framed paper artwork, signed and numbered (362x362mm incl. frame)

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Eclectic references from Isaac Newton’s third law of physics, to the eastern spiritual theory of the duality of yin and yang inform the textural composition of these small-scale works, which depict two opposing gradients of tone and reflection in a single graphic figure.

Inspired by years of conversations between the artist and his partners in the far-east concerning global culture, philosophy and spirituality and prompted very directly by recent global events, these two intricate works respond with a message about balance, empathy and unity.

These themes are consistent within the wider body of Giles Miller’s work, with material compositions depicting opposing tones as well as varying opacity within surface and sculptural installations. In particular these paper artworks hold strong symmetry with the studios Penny-Half Sphere (2016) and the Duality series (2019).